Our Missions: Jesus Christ’s Mission as detailed in Isaiah 61:1-3,Luke 4:18-19, and hold unto these scriptures: Isaiah 49:24-26, Obadiah 17 vs 20.

Other Objectives:

  1. To pursue the Great Commission Mission, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and internationally.
  2. To teach all the nations of the world ‘’Christian Theology’’ and the doctrine of Christ and His Apostles.
  3. To propagate Christianity ,spread the word of God/Gospel of Christ with all available communication media such as Print Electronic Media, Tracts, Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines, Television, Radio, Internet and Social Media.
  4. To Disciple persons who have been regenerated and incorporate them into the Vision and Mission of Christ.
  5. To LIBERATE Humanity, Christianity, ’’Churchianity’’, Community & Society with the RELIABLE WORD OF GOD.
  6. To established Bible-Based and Christ Centered Institutions/ Colleges and Associations that enhances development and professionalism in Church Ministries.
  7. To teach, train, educate, develop Christian Professionals, Church Leaders and Members especially Church workers worldwide.
  8.  To equip the Clergy in the five fold ministries of Ephesians 4:11-16 and give them ministerial/communication skills for effective Church Ministries.
  9. To carryout ordination programmes for trained and qualified candidates, their certification and giving of ministerial License.
  10. To organize training / development programs, seminars, conferences, conventions, symposia, summits, crusades, workshops, fellowship and prayer meetings for people and nations.
  11. To partner with Christian organizations, Associations, Ministries, Churches and Institutions who share the same vision with us and who care to share with us in any form (Support Ministry).
  12. To collaborate with all the arms of WORILIM, network with Higherground Institute of Christian Education & Information Theology(HICEIT), Certified Christian Educators & Clergy Development (CCED) and other Institutions.
  13. To use ‘’Liberation Proclaimers Squad’’ as Paramilitary force to handle the spiritual welfare of the Church of Christ and to reach out to the entire world.
  14. To use our publishing outreach publications  to liberate the world by the word we preach and teach.

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