The following are the Ministers/Officers & Workers in the Ministry:

Rev. Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson(President/G.O. )

Pastor Dr(Mrs) Mary E. Ferguson (Vice President)

Deaconess (Mrs) Omoafe M. Giwa (Ministry Secretary)


Evang. Sunday Andrew(Snr. Evangelist)

Deaconess (Mrs) Patricia O.Andrew(Treasury Dept)


Evang. (Mrs) Comfort O. Oluwasegun Ibitoye

(Associate Minister)

Mr Samuel Ehiatue (Youth Leader)


Pastor Syndi J. Olisekebe (Associate Minister)

Rev. Emmanuel Onyeji (Visiting Pastor)

Rev. C.G. Samuel (Associate Apostle)


Evang. Isaac C. Harmony

Evang. Christian B. Eyo(Visiting Evangelist.)


Richwealth N. Ferguson(Senior Pianist)

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