Rev. Prof. SAMUEL O. FERGUSON,(Professor of Applied Theology & Christian Education & Communication Theology; WORILIM THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY,NIGERIA).

Born September 30th,1962 into an Anglican Church in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he received infant baptism by the first Chaplain, Late Reverend John Ferguson. He is married to Dr(Mrs) Mary E. Ferguson and blessed with a son, Richwealth N. Ferguson.

. Received his Primary School Education at the Abadina Primary School,University of Ibadan,Nigeria.(1971-1976).

. Attended Holy Trinity Grammar School,Ibadan.(1976-1981)and between 1981-1982 after his secondary school education, he stayed at home to sit for his O/Level and Advanced Level GCE respectively.

. As a machine operator, he worked with these two companies: Cedar Plastic Industry Ltd and Raja Plastic Company in Ibadan (1982-1983).

. He worked as a casual laborer with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture(IITA)Ibadan Maize section under Dr S.K Kim between 1983-1985.

. He left Ibadan for Lagos ,where he worked in two different shoe companies:

  1. Scrupples Shoe Care Centre,Ikeja Lagos ,as an apprentice and receptionist (1985-1987).
  2. Mass Shoe Care Ltd, Palm Groove House, Flat 8,Lagos Nigeria, as a Sales Representative.(1987-1988).

. He attended Faith Bible College/International, Institute of Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy, where he obtained the following Qualifications:

  1. Certificate in Chaplaincy
  2. Diploma in Chaplaincy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Chaplaincy
  1. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  2. Ordained as Reverend Minister
  3. Commissioned as a Certified Chaplain. All between 1989-1991, which was based on credit honors.

. However, at Grace Theological Seminary, Nigeria, he had his ‘’Bachelor Degree In Religious Studies’’ (BRE) in the year (1990/91).

. He graduated from the University Of Ibadan, Department of Adult Education and studied Adult Education/ Communication & Language Arts. Also, Community Development,with the following qualifications:

  1. Diploma In Adult Education/ Community Development.
  2. Bachelor of Education in Adult Education & Lang. Arts.
  • Master of Education in Adult Education & Communication (Proceed to Ph.D grade).
  1. D programme not completed. All between1994-2007.

In the year 1995, he joined United Bible University, Nigeria, where he graduated with the following qualifications:

  1. Master of Arts in Theology MA(Th)
  2. Doctor of Theology (Th.D)
  • Post Doctoral Degree in Applied Theology. All between 1995- 2015.

United Bible University, Ibadan Campus was floated by him in the year 1995, where he became the first Coordinator, Administrator of the University. Also, he was one of the Senior Lecturers. He was a former International Board Member (1995-1997). He was appointed to hold the following position in the University:

  1. Director of Bible Research Institute (BRI), Lagos,Nigeria.
  2. Member of Education Board of UBU.

Nevertheless, in association of Christian Theologians, Nigeria which accredited United Bible University’s programmes, of which the President of the said University happens to be the founder/ National President of ACTS in Nigeria, appointed Professor Samuel O. Ferguson to hold the following positions between 2014-2018:

  1. Member of Supervisors of Theological Education in Nigeria.
  2. Member, Theological Development Committee.
  • Chairman, Association of Christian Theologians (ACTS), Oyo/Osun States Chapter, Nigeria (Tenure: 2015- 2019).
  1. Finally, Chaplain Samuel O. Ferguson was among the four people Professorial awards were conferred on, on June 13th ,2015 after a serious academic work of many years in the sphere of theological studies.

Therefore, he is a certified Professor of Applied Theology. His Professorial Award made him to drop a Ph.D programme he was running in the University of Ilorin in the faculty of Education, in social sciences education department where he was studying ‘’Curriculum Development’’.(2014).

In summary, Chaplain Professor Samuel O. Ferguson holds the following qualifications, both in secular and theological world:

  1. Certificate in Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy
  2. Diploma in Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy
  • Diploma in Adult Education & Community Development
  1. Bachelor of Education in Adult Education/ Communication & Language Arts.
  2. Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE).
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Theology BA(Th)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy.
  • Master of Arts in Theology MA(Th)
  1. Master of Education in Adult/ Communication
  2. Master of Divinity (MD)
  3. Doctor of Divinity (DD)
  • Doctor of Theology (Th.D)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education Ph.D

.Professor Samuel O. Ferguson is a certified Theological Teacher, a certified Clergy, Certified Christian Educator, Certified Applied Theologians, Certified Christian Teacher with difference.

. Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson is a trained and Certified Chaplain since 1989 till date under International Institute of Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy (IIPEC). Also, he is a member of International Chaplains Association and Assistant Director of Chaplains, a- two star Chaplain General (Major General).

. Professor Samuel O. Ferguson, is the CEO of Higherground Educational Consult (HEC), a consultant in the field of education,Theology, Christian Education,Church ministries, Research, Training  and Development of Christian professionals.

. He has been serving as ‘’External Assessor’’ to Glory International Bible College, Nigeria and as ‘’Chairman Board of Academics Affairs’’ to World Vision Theological Seminary, Nigeria.

. He was a facilitator in the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN), Ibadan Study Centre (2007/2008). He took the General Studies Course (GST 107); JLS 714; JLS 721 and JLS 724 respectively in Communication, Research, Public Relations and Publication Layout.

. He has supervised many students at both undergraduate / graduate and post graduate levels. He is an expert in projects/ theses writing and supervision. He has a philosophical mind and scholarly inclined.

Rev. Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson with Chaplain Dr(Mrs) Mary E. Ferguson, remains the president / presiding Apostles of WORILIM. The history of The Word Reliance International & Liberation Missions (WORILIM), has a lot to say about Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson.(Click History).

Chaplain Ferguson was  the  last Principal / Administrator of Third World Ministerial Divinity College(TWMDC) Ibadan Nigeria (1992). A Training Ministry of the Late Dr J.K. Solomon,(J.K. Solomon Ministries), his blessed memory.

Awards received by Samuel O. Ferguson:

  1. Certificate of Excellence: As ‘’Pastor of the year’’ September, 2002 from Nigerian Association of Adult Education Students, University of Ibadan.
  2. Certificate of Excellence as ‘’Best Theologian of the year 2007’’ from National Academy of Theology and Vocational Studies, Nigeria.

Chaplain Samuel O. Ferguson was a consultant to Access Leadership Training Institute(ALTI), helped to train thirty three pastors within two semesters between 2010/2011. Also, he has assisted many Churches in floating Bible Colleges, ministries and have raised a number of Christian Leaders, Church Leaders and Church Workers of the various cadres throughout Nigeria.

Chaplain Ferguson has organized Conferences, Seminars ,Workshops ,Conventions ,Graduation Ceremonies, Prayer Meetings, Revivals, Crusades, Summit , Symposia and Training programmes for all categories of Church Leaders in Nigeria and abroad.

In January 16th, 1999, Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson founded Higherground Institute of Christian Education & Information Technology (HICEIT), Centre for Christian Education & Clergy Development (CCECD).

He has powerful training centre he floated through his consultancy unit: HIGHERGROUND EDUCATIONAL CENTRE FOR CLERGY DEVELOPMENT (HECCD), which is in charge of training , development and certification of Christian Professionals in collaboration with WORILIM THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY,NIGERIA.

He is a member of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Apete Chapter, Ibadan.

He is the present Legal Adviser of Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) Ido Local Government of Oyo State, Nigeria.(Elected 2018-2021).

He was also appointed by IDO – CAN as ‘’Director of Education Affairs Committee’’ to organize what he called, ‘’IDO-CAN Leadership Training Programmes’’ (ICLETRAP) for all members of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ido Local Government of Oyo State, which has thirteen zones.

There are more remarkable testimonies and remarks about the personality, credibility, authenticity of his claims, integrity, responsibility, academicability and accountability in what Professor Ferguson does. Although, his ministry, organizations and schools have their unique challenges affecting their effectiveness, such as lack of financial, material and human resources.

Beloved, you can choose  today prayerfully to support this seasoned scholar and teacher of our time.

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Postal Address: P.O.Box 20731, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Office Address:  The World Reliance International & Liberation Missions is located on Road 2,No 13, Off Arijo, Apete, Ibadan, Ido Local Government of Oyo State,Nigeria.