Brief History Of WORILIM

The World Reliance International and Liberation Missions (WORILIM), was formerly known and addressed as ‘’Ark of Safety World Missions’’ but due to some logistic reasons, the former name was lost to people who were financially buoyant to hijack the name as regards formal registration with the agency of the government (CAC) in Nigeria.

The pioneer and founder of WORILIM, Rev. Professor Samuel O. Ferguson, who was born into an ‘’Anglican Home’’ while a baby, later became a Roman Catholic Member between 1976 – 1981, where he served as a ‘’mass servant’’(Altar Boy) in the Church, ‘’Our Lady Seat of Wisdom’’, University Of Ibadan,Nigeria. He later became a member of an indigenous Church ‘’Aladura’’ that is, white garment stuff otherwise known as a ‘’Cherubim Warden’’ leader of a choir group and a ‘’Spiritualist’’ between 1981- 1984.

However, in the later years in Lagos,he joined the Victorious  Christ (Aladura), a white garment church between 1985-89, where he served as the founder/leader of the Salvation Army Group known as ‘’Band of Host Soldiers’’ (BHS) . Later, he was ordained as the first Prophet of the Church. He practiced spiritism, ‘’Soul Travel’’ or  ‘’astra projection’’ while a Prophet. He thought he was serving the true God, but he was serving Him ignorantly! He has appetite for studying and learning, in search for the truth, he wrote Late Kenneth Heggins, who preached salvation to him but he refused to surrender to the true and holy way- JESUS CHRIST!

Therefore, before Rev. Prof. Samuel O. Ferguson’s conversion, he had written some Christian Colleges for Admissions/ Scholarships such as Dallas Theology Seminary in the U.S.,Apallachian Bible College, in Nairobi,Kenya and Faith Bible College in Nigeria. He resorted going for a practical Christianity at Faith Bible College, Sango Ota, where he started with the, ‘’International Institute of Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy’’, where he enrolled for a certificate course in Chaplaincy in 1989.

1989 March was a day the Pioneer of WORILIM cannot forget, he met Jesus Christ genuinely at the seminary under the leadership of Late Prof. Ige Olumide, the then ‘’African Commandant of Chaplains’’, who followed Ferguson up, gave him foundation he needed, baptized him and ordained him as a Reverend Minister. His conversion was unique and dramatic. He started the ministry May 30th,1989 after his conversion with the name,’’New Faith Christian Ministry’’, later ‘’Ark of Safety Glorious Ministry’’ which metamorphosed in the defunct Ark of Safety World Missions.

Nevertheless,  despite all the challenges the ministry has been facing , the pioneer continued with the vision he received later in the year 1992 at Ibadan, tagged ‘’MISSION to MISSIONS’’ and harvesting of Souls for Christ, which involves preaching the Bible, gospel of Christ, deliverance of the oppressed, suppressed, depressed and manipulated.

By May 2nd ,1992, the ministry came to Ibadan and has been tossed about in different locations and has finally settle in her permanent site which is still under development, located at Road 2,No 13, off Arijo, Apete,Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.